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Important Note for Recruiters and Contract Agencies

If you are acting as an agency for another company that is seeking technical expertise, please read and understand this policy before contacting me. It will save us both a lot of time and frustration.

You may ask, do I work with recruiters? The short answer is yes, but only under very particular conditions.

There are particular agencies that I like to work with. Those agencies know me as an individual, think of me right away when they have appropriate prospects for me, and don't come on to me like bad car salesmen.

I am a professional engineer, much like a lawyer or doctor. It is helpful to me for agencies to find me clients who I can work with successfully. But the vast majority of recruiters do not have the kind of work I am looking for:

The key to understanding how to work with me is that Quayle Consulting Inc. is a business, not a temp employee.

To get yourself taken seriously as a prospective agency for Quayle Consulting Inc. to do business with, it is very important that you actually read my resume. I am a generalist, and capable of doing almost anything.  However, most of the agencies who contact me are unaware of what kind of work that I do. That doesn't score many points with me.

Thank you,

Stanley F. Quayle, President
Quayle Consulting Inc.

Thanks to Michael D. Crawford of GoingWare, Inc. for many of the ideas in this document.

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