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Virtual Alpha:  Alpha Emulation, Alpha Migration and Alpha Replacement

An Alpha can be virtualized (emulated) on a modern computer, which allows the existing operating system (such as OpenVMS and Tru64 UNIX), its software, and all applications to be run without change.  No reprogramming is required.  Most customers report that the emulated system is faster than the original!

Alpha emulation offers the following advantages:
Software successfully used with CHARON-AXP include:  Oracle RDB, CONNX, Ross System's UserBase, MultiNet, TCPware, all DEC compilers (C, Fortran, Macro, etc.).

Want to try CHARON-Alpha right now? You can:
For more information, please email or call 1-888-VAX-VMS-8 (1-888-829-8678) toll-free in US and Canada.  For fastest service, please include information about your system in one of these forms.

OpenVMS Systems:
Tru64 UNIX and OSF/1 UNIX Systems:
Evaluation and migration support is available from Quayle Consulting.  Even if you don't migrate, QCI offers VMS System Administration services.

Quayle Consulting can also emulate VAX, Sparc, and PDP systems.

Who the heck is CHARON?  And why "AXP" instead of "Alpha"?

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CHARON-AXP User Training

Training is available for customers who wish to perform their own migration, or who have to support CHARON-AXP systems on an ongoing basis. Current training opportunities include:
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Comparable Hardware Model(s)
CHARON Product
Max Number
of CPU's

Special Requirements / Notes
AlphaServer GS320
CHARON-AXP GS320 (Windows)
CHARON-AXP GS320 (Linux)

AlphaServer GS160
CHARON-AXP GS160 (Windows)
CHARON-AXP GS160 (Linux)

AlphaServer GS80
CHARON-AXP GS80 (Windows)

AlphaServer ES40
CHARON-AXP ES40 (Windows)

AlphaServer DS20
CHARON-AXP DS20 (Windows)

AlphaServer DS10
AlphaStation DS10
CHARON-AXP DS10 (Windows)
Emulates a maximum of 4 GB of Alpha RAM, Alpha EV6 (21264) processor.

Minimum VMS version: V6.2-1H3
Minimum Tru64 UNIX version: 4.0
AlphaServer 4100
AlphaServer 4000
AlphaServer 800
AlphaStation XP 900
AlphaStation XP1000
CHARON-AXP 4100 (Windows)
CHARON-AXP 4100 (Linux)
Emulates an Alpha EV5 (21164) processor.

Minimum VMS version: V6.2-1H3
Minimum Tru64 UNIX version: 4.0

Email to request more details and pricing.  Please attach an Inventory checklist so that we may advise you on the best product choice.

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